K. Joseph

The man, the legend, the smart-ass, K. Joseph resides in a dinky little Central Illinois basement apartment, complete with low ceilings and a surprisingly large bathroom. When he’s not at his day job he’s scooping cat shit and contemplating the meaning of life.


What is the Gonzo Press?

You mean other than the window into my soul?

The Gonzo Press is a newfangled sort of website that is regularly updated with essays, stories, and other forms of text based media. Kind of like… Sort of like… Okay, it’s a blog. However, it’s not just another blog. It’s the written collection of my thoughts and stories. I believe a man should unabashedly declare who he is and what he believes. This is my personal declaration. It is the money put where my mouth is. It is belief in action.

I have suffered deep internal torment through out my life. Much of which resulted from trying to please the masses at expense of self. This blog is not innately controversial. However, the stories and essays contained within this site depict my honest actions and thoughts. It is impossible to be honest to self and please all. Therefore I have decided to publicly please myself. Wait no… I don’t mean it like that. It’s not that kind of blog.

What I mean is this blog places heavy emphasis on honesty. Which brings me to the title, The Gonzo Press. While you are presumably familiar with the words Press and The - although it would probably take most of us some time to explain the’s definition. You may not be familiar with the term Gonzo.

Gonzo refers to a style of journalism embraced by madmen such as Hunter S. Thompson, David Foster Wallace, and your’s truly. This is journalism’s most honest and least objective form. Rather than attempt to remove the author from his work, gonzo places the author within the story and is frequently told in first person. There can be no hidden motives when the author unabashedly tells you his ideology along side the recollection of events.

It is my goal to free myself from the life sucking restraints of the 9 to 5 and dedicate my life to reviving this dying art form. I have not done so yet, but I have chosen to declare my lofty aspirations in the title of the site itself as a personal reminder of my goals, for I have become brave enough to fail. It is this fear that has kept me from divulging my writings to the world. No longer. I have come to the conclusion that public failure is preferable to private stagnation.

Who is K. Joseph?

Well, I am. He is me, and I am the voice of the The Gonzo Press. I am the one who will guide you through endless hours of truly delightful stories. All of which, by the way, are true.

I first referred to myself as K. Joseph in a brief piece of memoir, titled The Fleeting Smoke of Our Innermost Desires. You should read it. It’s really quite good. K. Joseph, however, is more than a nom de plume, it’s a literary alter ego. I don’t mean that in the sense that K. Joseph is some fictitious fantasy version of myself. He is literally - I would like to take a moment to point out this is how the word literally is intended to be used - me; the name comes from abbreviating my first name and replacing my last with the middle. By literary alter ego, I mean K. Joseph is the portion of myself that observes, and later transcribes the noteworthy moments of my life.

When we think of the text based artists we first think of their prose. Then perhaps we contemplate the vague aspect of their lives that are open to the public. We think of such a small portion of who they were and are. Our concept of these heroes is only a glimpse of who they truly were. Yet, we become infatuated and mesmerized with them. I believe such idealization is a result of their ability to evoke emotion and passion we readers forgot ourselves capable of. This is what I, above all else seek to do. I seek to string letters and words together with such skill that you weep in result.

It’s such a lofty goal, and I’m just… like… you know… a 23 year old dude.

That’s where the alter ego comes into play. When I sit down I’m not just a man; I’m K. Joseph master of the English language, king of prose, and the physical embodiment of my potential. K. Joseph is a mindset which is absolutely necessary to my writing process.

So who’s K. Joseph?

He’s the best damn author you’ll ever read.